My personal Clipperton-L notes - some fact / some opinion - but always accurate (hihi):

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  • A lot of power out of a relatively compact, lightweight package (about 50 pounds).
  • Inexpensive tube replacement - Chinese 572B's work great and can be had for about $200 for the whole set of four (4).
  • Operates on either 120 or 240 VAC power supply is built in.
  • A lot of "bang for the buck" as amplifier will output in excess of 1KW and are still plentiful & inexpensive.
  • Low profile - the four (4) 572B tubes are mounted horizontally - so entire unit is only 6 3/4" high (including the feet)
  • 572B's are correctly mounted for correct filament alignment.
  • As of this writing (2011) units are around 30 years old (not quite as old as most of the Heaths and 30L-1's floating around).


  • No longer in production
  • Not exactly stellar construction.
  • Stock unit suffers from 60 Hz. hum due to improper feed of directly heated cathode 572-B finals. Output is actually modulated by the AC filament power (no transformer center tap). Dentron pushed the cost cutting envelope too far in this design - BUT - an easy fix. Modification highly recommended and should only cost about $20.00.
  • NOT tuned input - designed to be driven with tube output exciters. My unit has a broad band matching input board - modern rigs will drive with a tuner. Very late versions of this amplifier had tuned input circuits for each band (rare - not many were produced).
  • Not designed for continuous modes OR continuous duty. I have had many QSO's running AM - BUT - I kept the plate voltage in the low voltage "CW" position and ran no more than 100 watts output (roughly 330 watts input).
  • Fan is noisy and constantly changing speed due to series feed through a resistor.
  • Be VERY careful when buying a Clipperton-L - many ended up on 11 Meters over the years. Be prepared to spend some extra money and time after purchasing one of these amplifiers (for filter caps, fan, mods. & probably a set of final tubes). Also, many of these amplifiers have been abused and now have soft finals.
  • Low output on 160 Meters due to pi-network coupling to the enclosure - see VE3NH for data.


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