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Another classic HF transceiver in it's time! The KWM-2 design is now over 50 years old! The unit pictured (a "Round Emblem" version) is over 40 years old. The KWM-2 and the KWM-2A were by far the most popular transceiver Collins ever produced. It was enjoyed by both Ham Radio and military users. It was introduced in 1959 and was produced for over 25 years through to at least 1985. Serial number research has determined that roughly 26,000 units were produced! Making this probably the longest running transceiver in production history.

They are still sought after transceivers today and clearly demonstrate the lead Collins had on radio designs. The VFO was remarkable for its day it reads out to 1 Khz. and easily holds to the Collins specification of less than 100 Hz. drift per hour (after warm-up). The visual design is it's leading strength - still looking modern - even 50 years later. An interesting supporting note from a 1960 Collins advertisement - it was titled "Collins A tradition, that has withstood the test of time."

It weighs in at only 18 pounds constructed with an aluminum chassis and cabinet. It requires a separate power supply to operate. Either the PM-2 (a limited duty power supply) or the more recommended 516F-2 power supply. A common accessory was the 312B-4 console.

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I am a Collins Radio fan and a member of the C.C.A.

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